Fan Art: Haley Ledet’s Impact on Rats Quest through Artistic Contributions.

  • Haley did not wish to have her picture taken for this profile, but she allowed me to use a self-portrait of her face that she had created.

Though Rats Quest’s life span has been short in terms of similar pieces of media, I am very proud of the small, yet consistent community of fans that it has accrued in its one year of life. My fans are the best people in the whole world, and their viewership alone is one of the biggest inspirations to me and my work. That being said, there is one fan whose contributions have given me a deeper sense of purpose in my work: a fan whose creations inspire joy in not only me, but everybody who is fortunate enough to witness them. This fan is Haley Ledet, and she, among other things, creates Rats Quest fan art.

Though this piece is unfinished, it more than proves Haley’s artistic abilities. I say with utmost certainty that she is the greatest artist I have met in my life so far.

Haley Ledet is an art major at Nicholls State University. She has been drawing ever since she picked up a crayon in her earliest memories and continues to make strides today with her mastery of the pencil and brush.

Haley began and excelled at drawing with pencil, but that didn’t stop her from branching out to different mediums. Nowadays, she prefers to use her tablet to create digital art.

Even though her schedule is busy with creating wire sculptures, practicing color theory, and the plethora of homework that her many other classes demand, she still makes the time to draw things that her friends would enjoy, as well as fan art of the scenes and characters in Rats Quest. When asked his opinion of Haley’s artistic creations, Austin Brossette (long-time friend of Haley’s and fan of Rats Quest) had this to say:

“Imagine your favorite food, now add your favorite drink, now add your favorite snack. Imagine that you’d never get tired of eating that. Haley’s art is like something you enjoy that never goes out of style. You never get tired of it because you always know it’s gonna be something you love.”

Austin was not the only person who wished to give their input. James Hitchcock, another fan of Rats Quest and Haley’s art, gave this simple, yet strong, response:

“I’m not the best when it comes to describing art, but I enjoy every one of her posts and think they’re unique.”

Haley’s rendition of her favorite character in the story so far, Grave. She likes Grave for his calm demeanor and mysterious background.

Haley discussed with me her feelings about Rats Quest, detailed in the audio clip below.

Haley’s response to the question, “What do you think about Rats Quest?” The frog depicted in the picture was something that she drew on my computer before the interview.

Haley Ledet is one of the many reasons why Rats Quest still updates to this day. There is an unparalleled feeling of joy when you receive art of something you have created. When someone enjoys your creation so much that they would spend their own valuable time to try their hand at spinning a unique twist on the characters in their own special way, that’s when you know that you have created something worthwhile. Thanks to fans like Haley Ledet, I know that what I am doing is worth it.